Pietra Calacatta

Tphone series Smart City Terminal

Cabinnt Size: 820 * 1600 * 80 mm Pixel Pitch: 3/4/5/6 mm Brightness Intensity: ≥4500/5000CD/m² IP rating: IP65


Cabinnt Size: 820 * 1600 * 80 mm

Pixel Pitch: 3/4/5/6 mm

Brightness Intensity: 4500/5000CD/m²

IP rating: IP65

Ave.Power Consumption: 150W/

●Intelligent comtrol

With the LAN ,wifi,3G jintelligent managemeng core modules inside ,the adcertisement show can

be changeable

● Time and labor-saving

Once it is successfully installed,its advertising content can be changed at any time ,unlike

those traditeonal static billboards which need to be disassembled frequently ,it is of high

ime and labor sabing

●High IP Level

With front/back IP level 65/54 ,screen can be used outdoor even against bad weather

● Easy maintenance

Side-open and back-open maintenance render it more it more optional installation positions

Technical Specification
Part Model I6O-3SOO I6O-4SOO I6O-5SOO
Display Area 60" 60" 60"
Terminal Dimension 830x1640x68mm 830x1640x68mm 800x1600x120mm
Terminal Resolution 256x448 192x336 160x256
Terminal Weight 48kg 48kg 52kg
Terminal Avg. Power consumption 330 w/set 330 w/set 300 w/set
Terminal Brightness >7000 nits >7000 nits >7000 nits


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