LED Display Solution for sport stadium

In sports stadium area, ZhongYi Intelligence has years’s experience with vast investment in innovation.We can provide a whole set of service in solution design,technology research and development,high quality production,and application implementation.
ZhongYi Intelligence has significant advantages in HD display,efficient information transmission,high reliability,humanized design,software partitioning,and scoring system,etc.


1.  Sports LED Display Application

Our stadium displays have significant advantages in reliable information transmission. These products benefits can be offered by us due to our years of experience in design, innovation and technology development, as well as high financial investment in the field. 

With a wealth of experience, first-class technology, comprehensive services to customers around the world we provide a complete, reliable stadium LED display solutions.


2.  LED Sports Perimeter Display System Diagram:

3. System Description 
Solutions from the entire distribution system, video, audio processing system, control system, LED display and peripheral devices, each solution of the system configuration in accordance with the different requirements of customers, the following system description is for reference only.

4. Advantages of core technologies: 
a. Single-pixel correction technique is applied to each pixel, each module, each cabinet and the whole screen, for a perfect white balance. 
b. Automated color calibration, color temperature adjustment function, allow for a perfect image. 
c. High refresh rate up to 2000Hz, increased stability of screen and stroboscopic effect prevention

d. Professional sports player software, high-performance fiber-optic transmission, effectively reducing the broadcast signal in the process of delay to ensure a high quality live broadcast and an accurate synchronization system.

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